Adopting the word-leading digital voice encryption technology to encrypt your calls at anytime and anywhere. Applicable to iPhone all series and Android smartphones with Qualcomm 845, Kirin 970 or higher chipsets.

Origin: China

Brand: Reliaspeak

Color: White

Package: PvR*1, adapter*2 (Lightning to Type-C *1, Micro-USB to Type-C *1),  user manual*1

Note: PvR must be used in pairs.

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1. Product Function
Encryption Function Standard Pro
Cellular Network Call
VoIP Call (WhatsApp…)
Voice SMS χ
Recording χ
2. Important Notice

As a professional voice encryption device, PvR Bluetooth Voice Protector (Hereinafter referred to as”PvR” ) can effectively protect the privacy of your call, but the sound quality of the encrypted call is not as good as the original voice; In addition, the sound quality of PvR is also affected by factors such as mobile phone voice enhancement function, cellular network signal strength, voice coding conversion of electromagnetic interference, data network latency or jitter, packet loss, etc., so we cannot guarantee that you can get good sound quality under any circumstances.

Before purchasing or using this product, please read this article carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Tel: 86-10-88334733
Email: support@rlspeak.com

3. Applicable Phone Model

PvR supports the following phone modes:

Brand Model
Apple iPhone 8/X/XR/XS/11/12…
Huawei Mate20/Mate30/Mate40…,P30/P40…
Samsung Galaxy S10/S20/S21…,Galaxy Note10/20…
Vivo X50 Pro+,X60 Pro+
Xiaomi Xiaomi 9/10/10S/11/11Pro/11Ultra,Redmi K40/K40 Pro
Oppo Reno5 Pro+,Find X3…
ZTE Axon 10 Pro,Axon 30 Pro/Ultra
One Plus+ OnePlus 8/8Pro/8T,OnePlus 9/9R/9Pro
Honor Honor20/20 Pro,Honor30/30 Pro
Reminder: PvR is applicable to all series phones of iPhone, as well as most phones using Qualcomm 8XX series or Kirin 9XX series processors.
4. Select SIM Card

Please choose the SIM card that uses UMTS network or supports Volte function. Generally, it is recommended to open Volte function for better performance.

5. Use Suggestions

To obtain better sound quality of encrypted calls, please try to follow the following suggestions:

a. While making an encrypted call, please turn off WLAN as much as possible;

b. While making an encrypted call, please do not turn off the device directly;

c. Encrypted call is not supported while charging;

d. For dual-card dual-standby phones, the SIM card used for making encrypted calls should be set as the preferred      SIM card for the mobile data network

e. In areas with relatively large electromagnetic interference, such as roadsides, stations, airports, etc., the mobile phone should be as close as possible to the PvR when making a encrypted call.

f. When you are walking or talking in a noisy environment, try to speak in a calm tone and at a lower speed.

6. Limitations

a. PvR can support most of the high-end models of mainstream brand mobile phones, but it does not rule out that some models of mobile phones do not match this product due to their audio characteristics or Bluetooth communication characteristics, resulting in poor sound voice quality;

b. PvR doesn’t support CDMA or CDMA2000 network;

c. Since PvR is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth signal is very susceptible to external electromagnetic interference (especially the 2.4G WiFi signal), which will cause worse sound quality. Therefore, it is recommended that the user turn off the mobile phone WLAN and shorten the distance between the phone and PvR as much as possible during the encrypted call.

d. As the network conditions and technical status of mobile operators in various countries vary greatly, we can’t guarantee that PvR can make cross-border encrypted calls between all countries, nor can we guarantee that PvR can make roaming encrypted calls in all countries. When the sound quality of  cross-border or roaming encrypted call is not good enough, you can try to use VoIP for encypted call. It is recommended to use “WhatsApp” as the communication tool.

7. Restrictions

a. It is strictly prohibited to bring the overseas-version product into China mainland; it is strictly prohibited to resell the overseas-version product to China mainland; and for overseas OEM/ODM partners, it is strictly prohibited to sell the products containing ReliaSpeak technology solutions to China mainland.

b. It is strictly prohibited to use the purchased products, trial sample products or technical solutions for military purposes.

c. It is strictly prohibited to use the purchased products, trial sample products or technical solutions for illegal, criminal or terroristic activities or for any activity that violates Chinese laws and regulations or the laws and regulations of the countries in which the products are used.